Lesson 10

My thoughts do not mean anything.

This idea applies to all the thoughts of which you are aware, or become aware in the practice periods. The reason the idea is applicable to all of them is that they are not your real thoughts. We have made this distinction before, and will do so again. You have no basis for comparison as yet. When you do, you will have no doubt that what you once believed were your thoughts did not mean anything.

What is so amazing about A Course In Miracles is that the lessons are so new and incredible. There is no reference to the past, no reference to how many times you have done this lesson. It is powerful no matter how many times you have applied it, or how many years you have ‘studied’ the Course. There is no reference to the past at all. Right here and right now, this lesson offers everything you could possibly need. It is whole and complete within itself.

This aspect of the correction process began with the idea that the thoughts of which you are aware are meaningless, outside rather than within; and then stressed their past rather than their present status. Now we are emphasizing that the presence of these “thoughts” means that you are not thinking. This is merely another way of repeating our earlier statement that your mind is really a blank. To recognize this is to recognize nothingness when you think you see it. As such, it is the prerequisite for vision.

As you practice today’s lesson, let it be new to you. Read it like you have never read it before, because you really have never read it before. You have never heard it and experienced it like you are today, because you are brand new today. This makes the mind training exciting, now you let all things be revealed to you and you don’t assume that you know things already. Now a new experience can come to you, because you get out of the way.


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