Lesson 38

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator.

Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest. Through your holiness the power of God is made available. And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else. It is equal in its power to help anyone because it is equal in its power to save anyone.

Reading this lesson, there is an instant recognition of your limitlessness. Somewhere you have always know this, but A Course In Miracles is the first reflection that acknowledges the truth of you. That is because this book is really not of this world, it is a message from beyond time and space. This is Jesus speaking to you, and telling you the truth of what you are. You are holy, because you are as God created you. You are unlimited by time and space, unlimited by restrictions of any kind, anything is possible. And I mean, anything is possible. In God, there is nothing you cannot do.

I was talking today to a dear friend of mine. I love how I ‘happen’ to run into you and then our conversation is the most incredible gift. To talk about love and light and God in the recognition that there is no world: it’s priceless. To recognize the power of a single thought that seems to pass by for no reason and then to see everything rearrange itself around that thought. It’s a real thing. You get what you ask for. And so the question is: what do you really want? Because you can use the power of your mind to try and find happiness in an unreal place, or you can use it to remember who you truly are and go beyond this world altogether. That decision is really only up to you.

Today you are given an exquisite lesson to go beyond all the petty worries and sorrows and situations in your world. Because when you apply the lesson you will feel whatever bothers you being lifted from you. It’s simply not there anymore. It’s taken care of. Your holiness takes care of everything, and it’s not through your doing at all. It is through your release. What a beautiful recognition. How simple. You are given everything today, and you don’t have to do anything other than apply the lesson.


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