Lesson 101

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

Yes, indeed, God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. That is, not happiness as opposed to unhappiness, simply perfect happiness. You still think of happiness in terms of an opposite to something that is not happiness. You still believe that sin and guilt and judgment are real, and you try very hard to go around them so you can be happy. That is not what A Course In Miracles offers you, and today’s lesson is very clear about that. It is a total and pure confrontation with your ideas about sin and guilt. I’m not going to tell you what it says, you can pick up the workbook and read the lesson for yourself. I am only going to remind you of this:

You need the practice periods today. The exercises teach sin is not real, and all that you believe must come from sin will never happen, for it has no cause. Accept Atonement with an open mind, which cherishes no lingering belief that you have made a devil of God’s Son. There is no sin.

We practice with this thought as often as we can today, because it is the basis for today’s idea. God’s Will for you is perfect happiness because there is no sin, and suffering is causeless. Joy is just, and pain is but the sign you have misunderstood yourself. Fear not the Will of God. But turn to it in confidence that it will set you free from all the consequences sin has wrought in feverish imagination. Say: God’s Will for me is perfect happiness. There is no sin; it has no consequence.

This is the second day of the Easter Advent, and Jesus is in the tomb. Imagine that, feel it, know it. Jesus is in the tomb, and you are there with Him. The crucifixion was the last useless journey, you are waiting and trusting in God. You are in the process of resurrecting. In your awakening process you learn to trust the 3 days, that when the intensity is at its strongest you resurrect and come out on the other side. This goes beyond sin and guilt, this is your happiness. Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed. And all He is telling you is that you are resurrected with Him.


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