Let not my mind deny the Thought of God


What makes this world seem real except your own denial of the truth that lies beyond? What but your thoughts of misery and death obscure the perfect happiness and the eternal life your Father wills for you? And what could hide what cannot be concealed except illusion? What could keep from you what you already have except your choice to see it not, denying it is there?

A Course In Miracles is a confrontation for you in your own mind, simply through the simplicity of its message. A simple sentence like What could keep you from what you already have except your choice to see it not, denying it is there? brings the responsibility for what you see and experience directly back to you. Because the fact is that you are responsible for what you see, what you experience and every thought you have. You use everything around you to justify a thought system that has nothing to do with God, but today the workbook lesson brings you back directly to the only real Thought that you have. It is the Thought of God.

The Thought of God created you It left you not, nor have you ever been apart from it an instant. It belongs to you. By it you live. It is your Source of life, holding you one with it, and everything is one with you because it left you not. The Thought of God protects you, cares for you, makes soft your resting place and smooth your way, lighting your mind with happiness and love. Eternity and everlasting life shine in your mind, because the Thought of God has left you not, and still abides with you.

It is so simple, because all you have to do is accept this Thought. It doesn’t require an action, it only requires a not doing. A stopping. A standing still, taking full responsibility for the denial that is going on in your own mind, and the decision to not do it anymore.

Deny not Heaven It is yours today, but for the asking. Nor need you perceive how great the gift, how changed your mind will be before it comes to you. Ask to receive, and it is given you. Conviction lies within it. Till you welcome it as yours, uncertainty remains. Yet God is fair. Sureness is not required to receive what only your acceptance can bestow.

These beautiful sentences are your inheritance. They represent the truth of what you are and they are given you today. Accept them gladly. Accept the Thought of God today. Let it be your only reality. Truth is true, and nothing else is true. Forget all stories, forget all gossip, you don’t want it anymore. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you and listen to His Voice only.


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