My holiness shines bright and clear today


There is nothing greater than waking up in the morning, maybe a little groggy and sleepy from the night before, and opening A Course In Miracles to read the lesson for the day. It should be the first thing you do, because it sets the tone for the kind of day you want.

Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to me. I ask but them to come, and realize my invitation will be answered by the thoughts to which it has been sent by me. And I will ask for only joyous things the instant I accept my holiness. For what would be the use of pain to me, what purpose would my suffering fulfill, and how would grief and loss avail me if insanity departs from me today, and I accept my holiness instead?

Maybe you did not wake up with joy, maybe your first thought was ‘Oh, no… another day’ or maybe you already started to think about the day ahead and all the things you think you need to do. Nothing is more exhausting than that train of thought. Let’s break the cycle, let a new thought in: my holiness shines bright and clear today.

Father, my holiness is Yours. Let me rejoice in it, and through forgiveness be restored to sanity. Your Son is still as You created him. My holiness is part of me, and also part of You. And what can alter Holiness Itself?

There is no greater thing than to let this day be revealed to you. To allow your holiness to shine. This is possible. This is what you are. There is a frequency of light available to you in which all things are revealed to you anew. You do not need to plan your day, you can literally hand your day over and all things that need to happen will be given you. If you need to remember something, it will pop up in your head when you need it, without any effort. Open your mind, let the light in, let your holiness shine, and if you need a reminder for a moment, do the lesson or watch a DVD on Something is offered you that is real, it is a real happening, a real experience. Ask for it. It is yours to receive. It is yours to give.


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