Sickness is but another name for sin. Healing is but another name for God. The miracle is thus a call to Him.

Wow. Great lesson for today. The titles of the lessons are incredible and speak to you of things beyond your understanding. A Course In Miracles is not like any course in the world, your understanding is not required. It is only the little willingness to let the words speak to you, to let an ancient knowing and sense of peace rise to the surface. Beyond all your worries, all your plans and thoughts, lies the knowledge of your oneness with God. It is this you ask to experience today.

Father, You promised You would never fail to answer any call Your Son might make to You. It does not matter where he is, what seems to be his problem, nor what he believes he has become. He is Your Son, and You will answer him.  The miracle reflects Your Love, and thus it answers him. Your Name replaces every thought of sin, and who is sinless cannot suffer pain. Your Name gives answer to Your Son, because to call Your Name is but to call his own.

The fact is, God is with you now. He has always been with you. Reading the lesson for today, letting it sink into you, you can feel that healing is but another name for God. Healing is available to you right here and now. Simply ask for it and let God show you the way. You are not a body, you are free. Your mind is all-powerful and what you ask for you receive. This season let the memory of Jesus return to your mind, let His message resound in you and allow it to be extended through you. Jesus is you. You are resurrected with Him. He is with you now, leading you every step of the way, telling you that His experience is yours. You were born in a manger and are now standing up and declaring your saviorship. It is your function. All that is left for you now is to give your experience away, to share your Awakening. There are those that are waiting for you to fulfill your function. Their salvation is yours. Shine your light today, don’t hide it under a bushel. Let it shine from the mountaintop. Wherever you go, whatever you seem to be doing, your light takes care of everything, because it is the light of God.


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