What I see is a form of vengeance

Today’s idea accurately describes the way anyone who holds attack thoughts in his mind must see the world. Having projected his anger onto the world, he sees vengeance about to strike at him. His own attack is thus perceived as self defense. This becomes an increasingly vicious circle until he is willing to change how he sees. Otherwise, thoughts of attack and counter-attack will preoccupy him and people his entire world. What peace of mind is possible to him then?

In today’s lesson you are shown that you see a form of vengeance because you hold thoughts of vengeance and attack in your mind. What you see ‘out there’ is literally the result of what is happening in your mind. This revelation changes everything you have believed until now. A Course In Miracles tells you that minds are joined, that everything you see is a result of what you think, that there is nothing outside of you. You don’t believe this, but it is nonetheless true. You will only consider this message when you are put into a corner, with no way out. The Master Teacher says it beautifully, “You will use up every road that you believe will lead you to God. Only when you have used them all up will you be open to another alternative.” The fact that you are reading this Course, that you are doing the lesson, means that you have somewhere, somehow asked for help. The words of your prayer don’t matter, it is the intensity that rings a bell. It is heard. The key to salvation is given you. It is in the book in your hands, it is in the blog that you are reading now. Your mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of attack and responses to attack. It was only your imagination. You can see things differently.

It is from this savage fantasy that you want to escape. Is it not joyous news to hear that it is not real? Is it not a happy discovery to find that you can escape? You made what you would destroy; everything that you hate and would attack and kill. All that you fear does not exist.

This Course is not for the faint of heart. Many have run from the light and energy that it provides, but only because they have felt it and longed for yet another moment of ‘personal freedom’ from God. The thing you dread the most is the recognition that you are totally out of control, that you are connected to everything and are affecting everything,  and that the key to your salvation lies in you. Your oneness with your Father has remained unaffected by your belief in separation, and it is the undoing of your mind as you use it now that will reveal to you the truth that has been hidden underneath all your thoughts of anger and attack.

I see only the perishable.
I see nothing that will last.
What I see is not real.
What I see is a form of vengeance.

This is the practice for today, and it ends with a simple question.

Is this the world I really want to see?

Surely not. But the change of the world happens with the change of your mind. You no longer deal with the reflections, you no longer try to change the effects of your mind, but you go inward and take full responsibility for what you think and therefore see. It’s simple, maybe too simple. But ask yourself the question in the lesson and the answer will surely be obvious.


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