My holiness is my salvation

If guilt is hell, what is its opposite? Like the text for which this workbook was written, the ideas used for the exercises are very simple, very clear and totally unambiguous. We are not concerned with intellectual feats nor logical toys. We are dealing only in the very obvious, which has been overlooked in the clouds of complexity in which you think you think.

Jesus makes it very clear to you in A Course In Miracles that your understanding is not required. Anything you offer in the idea that it is helpful, actually hampers you in reality. You, as you see yourself within a body and an identity in space and time, can bring nothing to the totality that is God. God is whole in and of Himself, and you are created in His likeness. Your holiness remains untouched by any intellectual feats or logical toys. It is time to put your toys away. The message of this course is very simple, and the application of the workbook lesson has no complexity whatsoever. Simply do as you are told. You get out of the way, ask for help, and follow instructions. It is really that simple.

Your holiness is the answer to every question that was ever asked, is being asked now, or will be asked in the future.
Your holiness means the end of guilt, and therefore the end of hell.
Your holiness is the salvation of the world, and your own.

How could you to whom your holiness belongs be excluded from it? God does not know unholiness.
Can it be He does not know His Son?

This lesson is incredible, every sentence is immaculate and an immediate confrontation. I am grateful that this morning I was offered a beautiful example of pure dedication and willingness. This lesson does work. Immerse yourself in it, trust it, follow instructions, do as you are told, and you will get the immediate result that is not of this world. You can see it as a weapon, given you by God, to use when thoughts of anger and depression arise.

My unloving thoughts about ___ are keeping me in hell
My holiness is my salvation.

This is just about you, not anybody else, because there isn’t anybody else. Only your thoughts affect you. You wouldn’t be affected by figures in a dream if you knew that you were dreaming. They can be as vicious as they may, they could have no effect on you unless you failed to realize that this is your world. Your inner world is the cause of your perception of the outer world. Only your thoughts affect you, and today you have been given the key to your salvation and the salvation of the world.

My holiness is my salvation.


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