In Quiet I Receive God’s Word Today

Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening. Your Father wills you hear His Word today. He calls to you from deep within your mind where He abides. Hear Him today. No peace is possible until His Word is heard around the world; until your mind, in quiet listening, accepts the message that the world must hear to usher in the quiet time of peace.

The instructions for today are pretty simple: be still and listen in quiet. In this complicated world, in your complicated thinking, you very quickly overlook the obvious. As you look around you, you may notice how everything in this world is about fast pace, constant distractions and lots of noise. Your cellphone is never far away, constantly updated, ringing every moment for a new call or a new message. You are not even surprised anymore when you see two people dining and they are both on their phones. Distraction is the norm. Anything but being right here and right now, completely present and listening.

There is something amazing that happens when you go inward, when you start to honestly look at your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. No distractions, just you in your own mind. It is your most fearful place, the one you try to avoid at all costs, even unto death. Looking directly at the problem, your belief that you are separated from God and from everything around you, you will experience that it has already been solved. But until you look directly at it, you will try to solve bits and pieces that you believe are the problem, but never going to the root of it. The problem is you. The answer is in you. And you can experience it now.

In stillness we will hear God’s Voice today without intrusion of our petty thoughts, without our personal desires, and without all judgment of His holy Word. We will not judge ourselves today, for what we are can not be judged. We stand apart from all the judgments which the world has laid upon the Son of God. It knows him not. Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God.

You still your mind and listen in quiet. And you hear God’s Voice. It’s an amazing experience, so simple and easily received. This is only the beginning. Giving and receiving are the same. You have to give away what you have received, or you will forget again.

Hear, holy Son of God, your Father speak. His Voice would give to you His holy Word, to spread across the world the tidings of salvation and the holy time of peace. We gather at the throne of God today, the quiet place within the mind where He abides forever, in the holiness that He created and will never leave.

How do you spread the Word of salvation? By being it. By extending it every moment through the action that comes from the Thought of God. It is easy when you come from the place of stillness. It is effortless when you let go of your ideas of what you think spreading the Word is, but simply listen and learn and do.

Today He speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word can not be heard until your mind is quiet for a while, and meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet. There is peace within you to be called upon today, to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice for its Creator speak.

Try it today. Be still and listen in quiet. It is completely worth your while. Thousands of years are shortened as you listen, and somewhere someone joins with you in the stillness and remembers: there is a God. You may not be aware of the gift you give when you listen, but you can trust that when you receive the Word of God it is received for all.


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