I Am As God Created Me


Today’s lesson is essential in the workbook of A Course In Miracles. There are 3 lessons with the same title:

Lesson 94 ~ I am as God created me.
Lesson 100 ~ I am as God created me.
Lesson 162 ~ I am as God created me.

After that come the reviews, so you can say that this is an important lesson. You may, in fact, say it is the most important lesson. It offers you the remembering of who you truly are. It is the essence of you.

Today we continue with the one idea which brings complete salvation; the one statement which makes all forms of temptation powerless; the one thought which renders the ego silent and entirely undone. You are as God created you.  The sounds of this world are still, the sights of this world disappear, and all the thoughts that this world ever held are wiped away forever by this one idea. Here is salvation accomplished. Here is sanity restored.

You may read this and wonder how the sounds of this world can be still, how the sights of this world disappear, and how all thoughts are wiped away. In the text Jesus tells you something of the same order: the body should not feel at all. How is this possible? Certainly it is not of your doing, since you believe you are a body in a world. You trust your ears and eyes implicitly, even though they have been faulty witnesses. You rely on them for your judgments, to keep  separation from everyone and everything in place. Jesus has asked you why you keep trusting your judgements, when you have been proven wrong so often. And then there are times when you have been mistaken, and you were completely unaware how wrong you actually were. It is like you are stuck in a bubble, and you can’t see past it. Today’s lesson offers you a way out.

True light is strength, and strength is sinlessness. If you remain as God created you, you must be strong and light must be in you. He Who ensured your sinlessness must be the guarantee of strength and light as well. You are as God created you. Darkness cannot obscure the glory of God’s Son. You stand in light, strong in the sinlessness in which you were created, and in which you will remain throughout eternity.

Today we will again devote the first five minutes of each waking hour to the attempt to feel the truth in you. Begin these times of searching with these words:

I am as God created me.
I am His Son eternally.

Now try to reach the Son of God in you. This is the Self that never sinned, nor made an image to replace reality. This is the Self that never left Its home in God to walk the world uncertainly. This is the Self that knows no fear, nor could conceive of loss or suffering or death.

Make no mistake about it, this is not a doing but an undoing. It is not hard to reach God, it doesn’t take great effort. It  is not a long, hard road upward that you walk with bleeding feet, exhausted when you reach your goal. It is a letting go, a stepping back.

Nothing is required of you to reach this goal except to lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the list of attributes, both good and bad, you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in silent expectancy for the truth. God has Himself promised that it will be revealed to all who ask for it. You are asking now. You cannot fail because He cannot fail.

Ask and you shall receive. It can’t be any simpler. You can practice this lesson wherever you are, whenever you are. In the midst of chaos, you can still your mind. At work, at play, driving, singing, dancing. The truth will reveal itself to you effortlessly and fill you with light and peace and joy.

Tell yourself frequently today that you are as God created you. And be sure to respond to anyone who seems to irritate you with these words:

You are as God created you.
You are His Son eternally.

You simply let it all go, because you want to experience the truth. No trivial upset is worth disrupting your peace of mind. It always comes down to a simple question ‘Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?’ Let it all go today. Let it all be God. What is offered you is so much more than you can imagine. And when you experience it, you will realize that you want it above all else.


Lesson 58

It is good to read the introduction to the review lessons again to remember what the purpose of these lessons are.

It is not necessary to cover the comments that follow each idea either literally or thoroughly in the practice periods.  Try, rather, to emphasize the central point, and think about it as part of your review of the idea to which it relates.

The central point in the lessons for today is your holiness.

My holiness envelops everything I see.
My holiness blesses the world.
There is nothing my holiness cannot do.
My holiness is my salvation.

Look at these lessons for a moment. They state the truth of what you really are. They resonate with the altar of God that is in you, no matter what you do or say. You are as God created you. This you can’t change. No matter how insane your mind becomes with meaningless chatter, your holiness remains untouched. No matter how much you want to believe that there are indeed other people outside of you that are separate from you, you can remember that your holiness envelops them. No matter how you get caught up in a story, you can experience that there is nothing your holiness can’t do. Your holiness is your salvation. It is the only thing that is not a two-edged sword. It can only bless. And in remembering this, you know with full certainty:

I am blessed as a Son of God.
Herein lies my claim to all good and only good. I am blessed as a Son of God. All good things are mine, because God intended them for me. I cannot suffer any loss or deprivation or pain because of Who I am. My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things. His care for me is infinite, and is with me forever. I am eternally blessed as His Son.

I am upset because I see a meaningless world

The importance of this idea lies in the fact that it contains a correction for a major perceptual distortion. You think that what upsets you is a frightening world, or a sad world, or a violent world, or an insane world. All these attributes are given it by you. The world is meaningless in itself.

What if you really applied today’s lesson? It is the simple request to take full responsibility for what you see and experience. You would stop blaming things outside of yourself for what is happening with you, you would let the healing occur in the only place it can actually happen: in you.

With A Course In Miracles in your hand, with the lesson for the day given you, you have been given everything you need for the change of your mind. You no longer insist that you are separate from God and everything around you, that you are the victim of what you see and experience. It is not true. You are responsible for what you see.

I think I see a fearful world, a dangerous world, a hostile world, a sad world, a wicked world, a crazy world, but I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

What is meaningless is neither good nor bad. Why, then, should a meaningless world upset you? If you could accept the world as meaningless and let the truth be written upon it for you, it would make you indescribably happy. But because it is meaningless, you are impelled to write upon it what you would have it be. It is this you see in it. It is this that is meaningless in truth. Beneath your words is written the Word of God.


All your complaints: meaningless.

All your judgments: meaningless.

All your ideas: meaningless.

This includes the good and bad judgments, the good and bad ideas. You are simply wrong. You forgot the first 50 lessons of the workbook. Good thing you are starting over this year. It’s a clean slate, a blank mind. Now you can be shown, all you have to do is show up. All you have to do when you wake up in the morning is set your foot out of bed, Jesus will take care of the rest. There is no excuse to be late, or to not show up. This is your awakening, why wouldn’t you be fully present? It’s not about hiding in your cave, it’s about stepping out and applying the lesson. It’s active.

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.